Pigeon Control and Removal

How to Get Rid of Pigeons Quickly & Humanely
Pigeons may be a especially intricate pest. In addition to multiplying fast and using out useful chook species, they may be notably difficult to get rid of.
Fortunately, it is possible.
Here are some of our pinnacle suggestions to cast off pigeons naturally, regardless of in which they’re living.
How to Get Rid of Pigeons at the Roof: 7 Effective Methods
Getting pigeons off your roof requires some creativity, in particular if your roof has pitches or eaves where the birds can nest.
Here’s what we advocate:
1. Deterrents
Wondering a way to take away pigeons without hurting them? Deterrents like wire coils, chrome steel wires, and spikes are all low-profile additions which could prevent birds from perching on the roof.
For fine consequences, deploy them on any flat floor wherein pigeons ought to land, such as roof drip edges, flashing, and caps.
Pros: Easy to install, powerful, non-deadly, low-profile
Cons: These answers most effective deter pigeons from perching on certain surfaces, but will no longer hold them far from your private home absolutely
2. Parallel Wires
If you need to hold pigeons off your roof, going for walks parallel wires across the structure will keep pigeons from nesting or landing at the surface. Feral Bird Control Gold Coast You can installation this parallel cord to your own or hire a expert pigeon manipulate enterprise to do it for you.
Pros: Effective, low priced, low-profile
Cons: May be tough to install
three. Bird Gels
Bird gels are sticky gels that you may vicinity on the roof to discourage pigeons. While the gels don’t trap pigeons, they do create a sensation that the birds don’t like, which discourages them from landing at the roof.
Pros: Effective, low-priced, low-profile
Cons: May be hard to put in on steeply-pitched roofs, calls for regular substitute
four. Decoy Kites
Decoy kites are kite-formed decoy bird photographs that you could fix to the eve of a roof.
The kites fly inside the wind and deter pigeons from touchdown. The approach is effective however might not paintings in case you have already got a longtime pigeon population on your roof.
Pigeon Control and Removal

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