Safe Use of Medicines

You ought to continuously adhere to your PCP’s directions for taking medication — particularly for how long. Assuming your primary care physician says to take medication for 10 days, take it for the entire time, regardless of whether you begin to feel better sooner. Those meds need time to follow through with the task and improve you! What Are Medicines? What Are Drugs?

Prescriptions, frequently alluded to as medications, can be:older lady at a drug store with drug specialist behind her


Remedies. What you can get just with a physician’s instruction (for instance, pills to bring down your cholesterol or an asthma inhaler)

Over-the-counter pills, fluids, or creams. What you purchase without a remedy (for instance, pills for cerebral pains or bite tablets for indigestion)

Nutrients, eye drops, or dietary enhancements.

Ensure your PCP is familiar with ALL the Canada Drugs you take. This incorporates those recommended by different specialists, as well as nutrients, supplements, home grown cures, and over-the-counter medications you utilize once in a while.


What You Need to Know About Your Medicines

Converse with your primary care physician, nurture, or other medical services supplier prior to beginning another medication. Go over your sensitivities and any issues you have had with different meds, for example, rashes, inconvenience breathing, heartburn, wooziness, or mind-set changes.


You will likewise remain curious as to whether you’ll have to change or quit taking any of your different solutions or over-the-counter medications while utilizing this new medication. Blending a few medications can create unsavory and at times major issues. For example, it is hazardous to utilize ibuprofen while taking a blood-diminishing medication.

Safe Use of Medicines

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