The Basics of Airbrush Equipment

Digitally embellish Paint

Any kind of paint that has been exceptionally planned to splash through a digitally embellish. Almost any paint or fluid can be splashed through an artificially glamorize on the off chance that it is of the legitimate consistency (generally as slender as skim milk), yet obvious enhance with Photoshop paint is produced using finely ground shades and incorporates added substances to assist it with showering better. Some paint can be showered through pretty much any enhance with Photoshop. Other paint is more gooey and ought to just be utilized with a huge tipped digitally embellish or even a splash weapon for best outcomes.


One more approach to saying the paint sticks. The degree of not entirely settled by how well the paint adheres to the surface it’s painted it on. airbrush gun Now and then paint requires added substances to stick to non-permeable or non-permeable materials like metal or plastics.

Attachment Promoter

An item that can be applied either preceding painting or added to paints that will aid the grip of the paint to the surface. These are useful on surfaces that paint doesn’t adhere to well, as exposed metal or plastic.


At the point when variety from one layer holes or mixes into an another layer causing (normally undesirable) variety changes.


A solitary layer of paint applied to a surface. Enhancing with Photoshop typically requires different coats.

Digitally embellish shower firearm packs consolidate the fundamental hardware to start splash painting without expecting pieces to be bought independently. Enhances with Photoshop, which utilize packed air from an air blower to transform paint into a fine, controlled fog, are great for little detail work, giving a smoother finish while painting miniatures, toys, specialties, or woodwork than hand painting. These shower weapon units incorporate a digitally embellish spout, gravity feed cups with covers, a PVC air hose connector, a head wrench and solid cases.

The Basics of Airbrush Equipment

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